Defects Diagnosis

Defects in buildings occur for a variety of reasons – natural deterioration, poor workmanship, defective design and material selection, to name a few of the most common causes. It is essential that defects are diagnosed at an early stage both for reasons of safety and also to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Depending on how early in the building life cycle a defect arises it may also be necessary to establish causation so that redress can be sought against a negligent party such as a designer or builder.

At UNDERWOOD Associates we understand that properly diagnosing building defects demands a thorough understanding of how materials behave once brought together to form a structure. It also demands a deep knowledge of the building process; namely how buildings are physically assembled and how the demands of the contracting environment affect that process.

As both building designers and building surveyors we are uniquely qualified and experienced in this field and are able to thoroughly investigate and report on matters including but not limited to the following typical issues:

  • Subsidence and ground heave
  • Cracking in buildings
  • Wall tie failure
  • Render and coating failures
  • Flooding and drainage issues
  • Material failures
  • Dampness and water ingress
  • Roofing failures

Where necessary we are able to undertake long term monitoring in cases of, for example, subsidence and cracking in buildings.


We are based in Carlisle and offer “Defects Diagnosis” across Cumbria and the UK. With over 30 years of experience we can deliver a level of professional service to meet your needs.

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