Party Wall Matters

The Party Wall Act 1996 places legal obligations on those carrying out building work on or in proximity to a party wall or similar boundary structure. It also covers excavation work close to a boundary.

The Act requires certain legal procedures to be followed in order to make any work undertaken lawful and immune from challenge by an Adjoining Owner. If the procedure is not properly followed projects can be stopped via legal injunction and costs and delay can accrue. The Act provides a very valuable framework to prevent such disputes so long as it is properly followed.

At UNDERWOOD Associates we are able to advise in detail on your obligations under the Act and represent either the Building Owner or Adjoining Owner in such matters.


We are based in Carlisle and offer “Party Wall Matters” across Cumbria and the UK. With over 30 years of experience we can deliver a level of professional service to meet your needs.

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