Surveys & Schedules of Condition

At UNDERWOOD Associates, we have many years of experience in undertaking surveys of all types of property, be it a 15th Century castle or a newly built factory or office unit.

Surveys are undertaken for a variety of purposes however the common objective is to establish the condition of both structure and fabric for reasons of safety and in order to inform the need for expenditure on maintenance and repair. Most commonly, surveys are undertaken as a precursor to the purchase of a property and in some cases will form a valuable basis for negotiations over purchase price where serious defects are revealed. Budget costs for repair and maintenance are normally included in our reports.

We do not adopt a set format for surveys, the scope of every survey being designed specifically to suit the requirements of each building and client. In this way we are able to provide focussed advice which only deals with issues which are relevant – this usually results in cost savings over some of the ‘standardised’ report formats which are encountered and which often contain irrelevant or unnecessary clauses and caveats.

The main surveys we undertake are:

Structural Surveys (now more commonly referred to as ‘Building Surveys’):

  • A comprehensive and detailed inspection and report
  • Normally undertaken prior to purchase
  • Includes budget costs for remedial work
  • May include the testing of services by prior agreement
  • Essential to protect a purchaser against hidden costs

Planned Maintenance Surveys:

  • Normally for commercial property
  • Usually undertaken during occupation
  • Report normally prepared in schedule or database format
  • Concerned with establishing present and future maintenance liabilities
  • Includes costings for work planning over a pre agreed time period
  • Essential for budgetary and business planning

Incoming Schedules of Condition:

  • Prior to entering into a lease
  • Accurately records the condition of a property on commencement of the lease
  • Essential to control dilapidations liability and therefore unexpected costs at the end of a lease

Schedules of Repair / Dilapidations:

  • During the currency or at the end of a commercial lease
  • Establishes the necessity and liability for repairs by reference to the lease
  • Undertaken for either Landlord or Tenant
  • Essential to properly apportion and quantify repairing liabilities
  • Including, if required, negotiating settlement post service of the schedule

Insurance Reinstatement Assessments:

  • Normally, but not exclusively, for commercial property
  • To establish the cost of reinstatement for insurance purposes
  • Essential to avoid under or over insurance

We do not provide market or lending valuations but can refer you to suitable firms who can provide such a service.


We are based in Carlisle and offer “Surveys and Schedules of Condition” across Cumbria and the UK. With over 30 years of experience we can deliver a level of professional service to meet your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your surveying requirements.